Fly of the Month March 2013: Serendipity

March 12, 2013



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Hook: TMC 2457 #14-20

Thread: Uni-thread 6/0-8/0 to match body

Body: Z-Lon twisted into a cord color to match the hatch

Thorax: White or natural deer hair


Spring! Trust me, even though it still looks like winter in the Northwest, its coming. Spring is an exciting time for the Northwest angler. The search for the elusive chum fry hatch begins, rivers and lakes start to come alive and bygone-it you can still feel your fingers after a couple hours of fishing.The big meaty dragonfly and damselfly nymphs are contemplating their suicide mission towards the lakeshore and that is definitely something to look forward to, but we cannot forget what has kept us sane through the winter. Ah, the ever so unappreciated midge/chironomid, blasphemy in some circles, godlike in others.  Whichever circle you hang your rod in; imitating chironomids doesn’t necessarily have to involve drowning 18 feet of leader.

The Serendipity is a pattern designed to imitate a midge or chironomid emerging from its pupa. It was developed by Ross Marigold in the 1980’s. There are many variations to this pattern, including a bead head version, but it is mainly the Z-Lon twisted and then wrapped that is the common “thread” of all these patterns.

This pattern is definitely a must have in your lake and stream fishing box. Happy tying.