Minke: A Fishing Multi-Tool on Kickstarter

September 12, 2013

Crowdfunding via Kickstarter and Indiegogo has hit its stride. While I’m still on the fence on whether it will withstand commercial spoilage and continue to be a viable way of funding your startup, it is definitely the current trend in getting some cash to further your project.

Minke is a new project on Kickstarter that is fly fishing related! It is a fishing multi tool that allows you to tie knots, thread hooks, cut line and clean hook eyes. There are already a few of these type of tools on the market, but none with the ergonomics the Minke has tried to build in. What do you think? Useful?  Being a part of the fishing consumer demographic, my opinion is that in this market a gimmick is very likely to be called out. Our gear has to be efficient, have stripped down practicality, and above all else be useful.  You can visit the project site and get the details.