Stream Flows

Washington State Area Map – Drill down to your stream from the state area map.

Washington State Stream Flows – This is a tabular presentation of the Washington state river stream flow sites.

Oregon State Stream Flows – This is a tabular presentation of the Oregon state river stream flow sites.

Washington State Shoreline Aerial photography – This state sponsored site shows aerial photographs of all the saltwater shoreline of washington state. Helpful for those saltwater excursions for cutthroat or salmon.

Tide Tables & Charts – Provides saltwater tide tables and tide charts to over 4000 US sites

Fish Passage and status on Columbia River System Dams

Fish Passage Center – gives weekly counts of fish passage through dams as migration up the Columbia river system occurs. A must for shad fishing at Bonneville Dam.

Data Access in Real Time for the Columbia River Basin – sponsored by the University of Washington. Includes modeling and forecasts, fish trap data, etc.

State and Governmental Agencies

Washington State Dept of Fish and Wildlife – Check this site for regulation changes, get your fishing license online, and sign up for e-mail delivery of rule changes and announcements.

Washington State Fish Stocking Information – This web page lists the fish stocking schedule for Washington State including the planting of Triploid fish.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Check this site for regulations and information on Oregon.

Oregon Licenses – This page directs you to a downloadable form which you can fax in for your Oregon Fishing license.

Idaho Dept of Fish and Game – This is the fishing section of the site. You may buy a license here and review the regulations.

General Web site Links

Washington Lakes – website with information on Washington State lakes, including fishing reports.

Fly Anglers Online – This is a great informational site that contains quite a few fly patterns, see the fly of the week section.

Angling BC – Site dedicated to fishing in British Columbia with helpful patterns and fishing reports.

Organizational Links

Federation of Fly Fishers – our national organization.

Puget Sound Fly Fishers – Tacoma Fly fishing Club

Washington State Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers – our state organization.


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