Fly of the Month: August 2011- Guide Fly (mod for Pinks)

August 7, 2011

Fly of the Month:

August 2011

Guide Fly (mod for Pinks)

Tube: Eumer 2mm OD plastic

Body: Eumer Gold teardrop tube 22mm

Under Wing: Pink Crystal Flash

Wing: Pink Bunny Strip

Hackle: Pink Saddle Hackle

Head: Small Gold Monster Cone


It’s August, and it’s an odd year. If you haven’t been in a coma for the past few months, you have undoubtedly heard about the massive horde of pink salmon swimming our way.

Pinks have a reputation for being aggressive, and therefore take a fly easily. With that said, fly selection can sometimes be trivial. In most cases, when we select a fly for returning salmon, it is a matter of function and color, rather than shape or representing a food source. Some would even argue that color may be less important as well.

Most people you talk to say that pink is the color you want to fish when you are fishing for returning pink salmon, so we will go with that. Next you want a fly that will go to where the fish are and will have enough action to entice a “bite”. There are many choices, in fact it is easy enough to whip up your own creation on the vice, and it will certainly do fine. But, if your creative juices aren’t flowing, try tying a few of these.

This is the Guide fly from the Fly of the Month Article back in May of 2010. This pattern is great out in the salt for Cutthroat, but it is modified here with all pink, and a brass tube to get down a little deeper. The fly itself is very simple. A little crystal flash, a piece of bunny strip and a couple of wraps of saddle hackle. What makes this fly unique is the monster cone for the head. The head creates turbulence behind the fly and causes the bunny strip to wiggle like crazy when being stripped in. If this doesn’t piss off a nearby salmon, nothing will!


Another choice for pinks could be a pink bunny, find the “how to” in the September 2010 fly of the month article.