Munn Lake

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In 2009 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) converted Thurston County’s Munn Lake from statewide regulations to a year-round Catch and Release-Special Gear Rules lake in order to diversify inland fishing opportunities in South Puget Sound. Our efforts resulted in establishing and maintaining the only quality fishery lake in the South Sound.

The change also provided a chance to study the effect of these modifications on the warm-water fish species. This change in regulations received the support of the members of South Sound Fly Fishers. SSFF subsequently created the Munn Lake Fund for depositing all donations for implementing and maintaining the project. All funds placed in this fund are dedicated to support of the Munn Lake fishery as managed by WDFW. Money from the SSFF Munn Lake Fund supplements the cost of fish food that allows WDFW to hold the fish longer and consequently grow bigger in the hatchery before stocking

SSFF and WDFW will continue to meet on the water to sample the catch and evaluate various stocking events. With excellent, though challenging trout fishing and healthy warm waters species available, Munn has become a byword for public/private cooperation and famous for big trout fishing.

Munn Lake Photo by Howard Nanto

SSFF contributed catch reports and provided input to WDFW on stocking practices to help increase angler satisfaction with the project. WDFW has stocked fish of various species, sizes and quantities. If you would like to support their tracking efforts, you can submit a catch report here.

If you would like to make a donation to help continue this Munn Lake project, please mail your check to: SSFF-Munn Lake Fund, PO Box 2792 Olympia WA 98507.

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