Pinks! August 20th

August 15, 2011

The Pinks are coming. Being an odd numbered
year, the Pink Salmon are running. By the second
half of August they should be numerous enough to
be worth fishing for. Our August outing will be to a
public beach north of here to fly fish for Pinks.

The date of the outing will be August 20th. The exact
beach is yet to be determined but it will likely be
up in the Tacoma area.

If you are interested in participating in this outing please let me know.
The three ways to do that are 1) email me (Peter
Brooks) at and
provide your name and contact information, 2) call
me in the evening, or 3) use the
sign up sheet at the August club meeting which
will be a BBQ at the Gull Harbor Fire Station. I
will coordinate with those who sign up and provide
outing information such as when, where, how, and
coordinate carpools.