Chum Outing Anyone?

October 11, 2011

Our next outing will be held on November 5th. The
goal is to fish for Chum salmon. If you have never
done this, you are really missing something. Chum
are probably, pound for pound, the hardest
fighting of the five North American Pacific Salmon.
The tentative plan is to fish in front of the
Hoodsport hatchery. However, if someone knows of
a better place, please let me know before the
October club meeting (10/18/11). When I fish at the
Hoodsport hatchery, I take my float tube and an
anchor. Using the float tube allows me to get out
beyond the “picket fence” of anglers. I can then
spot and pursue pods of Chum as they mill around.
If you are interested in this outing you can either
sign up at the October club meeting or contact me.
My email is

I will get back to you. I will provide information on flies, tackle, and
trip details to all who sign up for this outing. I will
also talk more about this outing at the October
club meeting.

-Peter Brooks