Fly of the Month: October 2011- The Green Lantern

October 11, 2011

Hook: Mustad C70SD Size 4

Under body: Holographic Mylar Tinsel

Body: Yak or Fish Hair (Chartreuse)

Wing Yak or Fish Hair (Chartreuse)

Thread: Chartreuse 3/0


“I shall shed my light over dark evil. For the dark things cannot stand the light, the light of the Green Lantern!”

                                    -Alan Scott

What does DC comic’s Green Lantern and his cheesy battle cry have to do with fly fishing?… Nothing, but after I was done tying this fly, my mind immediately went that way. If the Green Lantern had to use his intergalactic power ring to create an 8wt fly rod and reel set up, I would like to think that this fly would be on the end of his line.

After thinking “What the heck is this guy talking about?” you may also be thinking “What are you using this fly for?” Well, this answer to the latter question is one of my favorite fall fisheries. Chum. We are rapidly approaching prime Chum salmon season.

In my opinion an ideal Chum salmon fly is smallish (size 4-6), light (no weight added), and either chartreuse, hot pink, or cherise. Other fishermen claim other colors work well also, but these colors have worked well for me.

It is important when fishing estuaries that your fly does not sink very fast. Most of the time you are fishing in water that is only 2-5ft deep.  If you are fishing a fly that is heavy you will inevitably be striping your fly in fast, in order to avoid hanging up on the bottom, this will undoubtedly lead to hooking fish in the back. While a back hooked chum will certainly test your gear, it is unsportsmanlike and unethical. A light fly fished with an intermediate line will get you down into the strike zone and will greatly reduce the chances of a foul hookup.

The Green Lantern fly has an underbody of holographic or pearlescent tinsel. The tinsel is wrapped over the yak hair that you have previously tied down, and then covered with a layer of head cement or soft-tex.  Next you will gather the yak hair and fold it up to the head of the fly and create a little bubble around the body of the fly, this is the same technique for tying a sparkle pupa. After tying down the yak hair, fold it back over again and form the wing. Now you can whip finish the head and cement it. I usually trim the wing up a little to thin it out.

Tie a few of Green Lanterns up and keep them in your salmon box for this fall, you will be glad you did!