Skip Morris and Rick Hafele present: Mastering Western Rivers & Lakes

November 30, 2011

Skip Morris and Rick Hafele, two of the best known fly-fishing authors and instructors in the country, have scheduled a special 2-day workshop titled

Mastering Western Rivers & Lakes, to be held February 25 & 26, 2012, at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Issaquah, WA.


Saturday’s focus will be on rivers: all the major hatches of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and midges will be discussed along with the most effective patterns and tactics. Sunday’s class covers similar information for fishing lakes with mayfly, caddisfly, dragonfly/damselfly, midge and leech behavior, patterns and tactics covered in detail.  Skip will also be demonstrating tying techniques for some of his favorite stream & lake patterns.

Club members are being offered a special reduced cost for this workshop: $125 (reduced from $145) for both days, or $70 (reduced from $80) for one day.  For more information and to register go to:  


To receive the club discount you must enter the registration code – FCM – where required during registration.



This workshop will benefit both beginner and experienced fly fishers.  Class space is limited and pre-registration is required, so sign up today for this great opportunity to get a leg up on the 2012 season.



Skip & Rick also want to thank the Creekside Angling Company (stores in Issaquah & Seattle) for their support of this workshop.