Fly of the Month August 2012: Gurgler

August 11, 2012

Fly of the Month:

August 2012


Hook: Daiichi 2720 size 2

Thread: white 3/0

Body: black and silver cactus chenille or sparkle chenille

Tail: bunny strip, chartreuse

Hackle: Saddle Hackle, chartrueuse

Well it seems like summer has finally shown itself here in the northwest. Longer days mean more time fishing in the evenings. Warmer air temps entice us to kick off those stuffy waders and wet wade. Backyard barbeques, summer vacations, hiking and camping, the list could go on forever.

While these elevated temperatures are surely something to rejoice for angler and non-angler alike, there is somewhat of a bitter sweetness for some of our angling friends. Ah, the poor lowland lake angler drops his head as the water warms on his newest local catch and release lake. Although unfit for trout fishing, never fear dear lowlander, there is another game in town that has been bolstered by your efforts to cultivate a quality trout fishery.

As it turns out, non-harvest have actually allowed the warm water species grow to trophy sizes as wells as the trout we so very much adore (ßsarcastic bewilderment).  So why not take advantage of this pleasant side effect. On a hot august evening, grab your 6 wt and float tube and kick towards the lily pads where you have seen these brutes jumping as you were sinking your size 18 chironimid for trout. Feel the excitement when a 4 to 5 pound bass takes that #2 popper or gurgler off the surface. Just go have fun!


Shown below is one of many variations of a gurgler. The gurgler has become sort of an encompassing name for a fly that has folded over closed cell foam on top to help it float and push water forward as it is stripped in. I have tied this one in black and chartreuse, using crystal sparkle chenille for the body and a bunny strip for the tail. Also, top water bass patterns are usually tied with a hoop that has an upturned point and a wide gape. A weed guard is also a common accessory to this fly when tied for bass as well. Tie a few and get your head up and your rod bent.