Fly of the Month January 2013: Midnight Euphausiid

January 8, 2013

Fly of the Month:

January 2013

Midnight Euphausiid

Hook: Daiichi 2546 size 6-8

Thread: white 6/0, Head is GITD (glow-in-the-dark) 3/0 thread

Tail: Long fibers 2-4 strands of Spirit River White GITD Mylar Motion. Mid fibers White GITD flashabou. Short Hareline Saltwater Krystal Flash pearl

Body: White GITD flashabou spun together, with GITD Lagartun Head Cement over the back

Shellback: White GITD flashabou

Throat: White GITD flashabouThorax: GITD polyyarn dubbed and picked out.

Antenna: 2 strands of Hareline saltwater Krystal flash pearl


As we get back in to our daily routines and try and shake off the disorientation that the holidays can sometimes bring, we also think of our next fishing opportunities. Most of us are thinking about steelhead. Oh, the mighty steelhead: strong, enduring and elusive (to me anyway). While the steelhead is surely worth the pursuit, sometimes our schedules or Mother Nature’s persistent down pours prevent such forays.

In Doug Rose’s Christmas Newsletter this year, Gary Marston wrote about fly fishing the Puget Sound at night in the winter. Yes, you read that correctly. I was immediately inspired and made a trip of my own, which I will address in a later article. Gary’s article discusses this little utilized fishery that presents a great opportunity when there’s not enough daylight in the day.

Gary has developed an exceptional representation of a euphausiid made specifically for night fishing. The Midnight Euphausiid is featured on Gary’s old blog Native Trout Fly Fishing, Gary gives an outstanding rundown on how to tie this pattern. Make sure you click on the links and poke around a bit on the site, there is a ton of useful information.

Next time in the next few months when the rivers are high or your days are overbooked, take a little time at night and explore your favorite beach in a whole new way. Make sure you tie a few of these and don’t be afraid to convert a few of your favorite daytime patterns as well.