Help Your Club Teach Middle School Students About Fly Fishing

May 4, 2022

Middle School needs help teaching fly fishing class

Stacey Nelson, PE instructor at Griffin Middle School, needs help teaching fly casting, fly tying. She will also hold a day’s lake outing. We need help with each activity. The school has all the rods, tying tools, and materials.

Class sizes:  7th and 8th grades have 17 students each. 6th grade has 21 students.

We need: 9 instructors each session for a ratio of 2 or 3 students per instructor. We cannot effectively train with 10 students per instructor. We want the kids to succeed, not give up from frustration.
Picture this. In April 2.5 instructors taught 22 kids four days of tying. A student who missed the first four days showed up on day five. That student required one instructor to catch up, removing the instructor from the other students. We were down to 1.5 instructors for 20 kids who never tied before – that’s 14 students per instructor to help with hands-on skills.
You could have done the math above, but now you understand our need for 9 instructors.

You need to: RVSP and show up. No rods, no tying tools, no fly patterns, just your experience. You don’t need to present lecture instruction. Just work one on one with several kids. Last class we used the SSFF fly patterns and handouts.

Dates: Daily Monday through Friday

Casting is May 12 – May 18. Other activities are planned May 19 – 23.
Fly Tying is May 24 – June 3, maybe June 7.

Knots are June 8.

Field trip is June 9 or 10.

Class Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:49-10:44               7th grade (17 kids)

10:48-11:43             8th grade (17 kids)
2:20-3:15 6th grade (21 kids)








Location: Griffin Middle School, 0.2 mile from US 101 off at Steamboat Island Road, West Olympia.
6530 33rd Avenue, NW, Olympia, WA 98502

Additional Info:

Instructors need not commit to a whole day. We appreciate any times you can give.

Background checks: If your background is already cleared we can inform the school. You will be with the instructor and the class, therefore the school might not request checks which cost the school. The background check would not prevent you from helping right away. We’re looking forward to working with these kids again. They are respectful, positive, enthusiastic about learning these new skills, and appreciative for our help. 

Can you support any of this activity?

Please contact me ASAP.

Thank you for reading this.

Thank you more for participating!

Randy Allen

360 701-9662