Alan Harger Fund


Alan Harger Scholarship Fund


Why the Fund Was Established:

This award fund was established in memory of Alan Harger, a long-time contributor to the South Sound Fly Fishers. Alan, throughout his many years of leadership and service, supported and lived the purpose of our club, contributing to conservation, education and the art of fly fishing.

Alan Harger was an active supporter of the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy, contributing both his time and resources toward supporting northwest youth to learn about the art of fly fishing and the importance of conservation.


Alan donated his fly fishing and fly tying equipment and supplies to South Sound Fly Fishers. Through direct donations and through the sale of Alan’s fly fishing gear, a fund was established to continue Alan’s support of the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy.

How the Fund Will Be Used:

The Scholarship Fund will be used to annually contribute to the Northwest Youth Conservation and Fly Fishing Academy. The annual contribution will be made directly to the Academy. It may be designated to pay for the fees of one or more specific youth or may just be a general contribution to the Academy.

SSFF has consistently supported the Academy with volunteers and annual financial contributions. The creation of this fund is not intended to replace the SSFF contribution to the Academy. SSFF intends to continue its financial support of the Academy by either making a separate club contribution to the Academy or by contributing into the Scholarship Fund.

Sustaining the Fund:

The money the fund currently holds will be invested by the SSFF treasurer in an interest bearing account and interest from the investment will be retained in the Fund.

Each year SSFF will seek donations to the Fund. This solicitation may range anywhere from a reminder to club members to a formal fund raising activity. If you would like to donate to the fund please contact us here.

The size of the annual contribution to the Academy will be determined by the SSFF Board. The Board will consider the balance in the Scholarship Fund, contribution trends, Academy financial need and fund sustainability in determining how much to contribute.

If, in the unlikely event, the Academy ceased to exist, the Alan Harger Scholarship Fund monies would be used to support projects or activities which promote conservation and/or education in the art of fly fishing.


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